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Caixa De Som Bluetooth G-Speaker Luminária Bluetooth Inteligente Carregador Sem Fio 3 em 1 Alarme Luz RGB Smart Station

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Charge the battery of your cell phone without wires, listen to music, podcasts, audio books in your room and still enjoy a beautiful lighting and simulate the Sunrise to wake up, all this in one device.

The G-Speaker is the perfect solution for those looking for a product that there and lighting, good quality sound and even wireless charging. With modern and elegant design, it stands out in the decoration of any environment. In addition to being a desk lamp, it has an integrated speaker that allows you to play music, podcasts and other audios. With wireless connection via Bluetooth, it is possible to control the playback of music through your smartphone or tablet.

The G-Speaker is perfect for environments such as bedrooms, offices and living rooms, providing lighting and entertainment in an innovative way.


Our G-Speaker takes care of you all night long. With one touch, you enable the night light mode, in addition, it charges your smartphone for the next day with a built-in 15 W wireless charging dock and a 5 W USB Type-C output for other mobile devices.

Bluetooth speaker for music and phone calls

Fast wireless charging of 15 W for smartphones

Control of lighting effects via Application

Alarm clock with light that can simulate sunrise

16 million light colors and 256 modes of illumination

1. Input voltage of 12V/2.5A

2. Wireless output: 5W-7.5 W-10W-15W

3. Output of 10W

4. Bluetooth audio power: 5.0 #3W

5. Material: ABS + PC

6. Product color: black, white

7. Lighting mode of 256 types

8. Transmission distance from 2-6mm

9. Efficiency of loading: 75%

10. Frequency of working: 100-205KHZ

11. Capacity of the button-button button battery: 40mAh

12. Net weight: 466g

Thirteen. Product size: 240*80*230mm

Included in Package:

Wireless charging

Cable for charging

User Manual

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