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Fone De Ouvido Sem Fio M10 TWS Bluetooth 5.1 display Led Touch

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Mini Touch Binaural Business In-Ear Earphone Suitable for Work Office Mobile Phones Bluetooth 5.1 In-ear 9D Mini Touch Binaural Sport Business Mobile Phones Suitable for Work Office Mobile Phones


LED digital power display of remnant, the remaining digital power of the charging station is clear at a glance, avoiding the embarrassment of a sudden loss of power.

The built-in large capacity battery, which can be charged immediately, is suitable for a variety of scenarios, allowing you to travel worry-free.

The lowest power consumption is the core technology of the headset. It adopts a design of mini-collection camera with sensitive metal contacts, which can be charged when placed a design of mini-collection camera with sensitive metal contacts, that can be loaded when placed.

Product name: wireless earphone jack

Material of packing: ABS

Suitable for: Business Office, racing sports, amateur listening to music, etc.

Bluetooth Version: 5.1

Single ear capacity of 50 mAh

Capacity of the charging box: 3500mAh

Built-in 3500 mAh battery (included)

Automatic shutdown: automatic shutdown: support

Automatic pairing: support

Battery life: Up to 22 hours in a cumulative way (requires a charging box)

Talk-TIME: 180 hours (requires a charging box)

Earphones for charging: about 40 times

Input current of charging box: input current of 5V/1A

Charging Method: Put the earphone into the charging box and close the cover, the earphone will be charged automatically, the earphone will light red when charging and come out after fully charged

Magnetic Magnetic Function: Magnetic

Touch-control method

Applicable products: mobile phone, tablet, computer (Android/Systemaios, etc.)

Charging features: TWS, wireless, with charging box

Size: 11cm x 10cm x 4.33 "x 3.94" (approx)

Package includes:

1 x Charging-case

2 headphones,

User Manual

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