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Suporte celular de mesa dobrável

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Compatible Small Foldable Table-top Cell Phone Holder C/All Cellphones Accessory

-Compatible with Cellphones, Tablet, iPad and others;
-Ideal for Lives, Video Call, Movies, Reading, Studying, Games, Cooking and etc;
-Find the most comfortable angle to release the hands, relax the cervical spine and avoid fatigue in the shoulders and neck;
-The support arm is made of non-slip silicone material designed to protect your handset from falling and scratching;
-Silicone pads on the bottom, which serves to protect the table from scratches and fix the support;
-Lower hole allows you to charge your device while using the stand;
-Foldable, Small and Portable (put in pocket, bag or backpack and take anywhere);
-Ergonomic design;
-You can use your device in Vertical or Horizontal.

1. Multi-angle adjustment

2. Can be folded into a bag, does not take up space and easy to carry when going out

3. Innovative design of gravity sensor, universal for mobile phones and tablets

4. ABS + zinc-alloy material, with titanium alloy at the bottom.

5. Adjustable 12 - 15 cm

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